Per Usual

I can’t say I’m surprised that my attempt at a writing habit took only 7 days to fail. I do have a chance at redemption for the month of July, as my camp goal was only 100 words a day, but above that was a goal of daily writing, which was the ultimate failure. This time.

I can only say that with my daughter and her friend home from college, life has been stressful and I have run out of spoons quicker than I planned. She has been dealing with anxiety ever since she arrived, and has exploded at times when I least expected it. She says she is working on her outbursts with her therapist, but as a mom it is hard to watch (and hear) your grown child berating herself for something minor, or yelling at a sibling for something even more minor. She says she is learning to unleash her feelings instead of bottling them up. I’m trying not to take her outbursts personally.

I am going to try to get back on track this month. My side job as a driver has given me a great opportunity to think through plot and characters, and I have a new idea for the Forever Novel that should help me punch out the missing 1,300+ words I need to catch up.

Hopefully I will have a more cheery update soon.

Day One down

Today was the first day of school, and officially the first day of my “writing life.” Okay, first HALF day, since my youngest only does mornings. I was surprised by two things: my ritual for getting ready included reading over prior material (which was fresher than I remembered), and my goal (1,000 words…4 sheets of notebook paper, handwritten) only took me a half an hour. I sat there, stunned, then let myself accept that I had reached my goal quickly. Like getting into the pool, I’m okay with inching my way into this.

My only panic moment came as I sat there, pen poised, just before getting started. “Really?!” I thought. “Writer’s block already?!” Then I realized I just hadn’t decided on a scene yet. I had read through my (2!) outlines, each with conflicting paths, and choose to go with yet another restaurant scene (my protagonist is a waitress).

One of the delightful things I discovered in previous written scenes was that her BFF is a neat freak. It was fun to put in little references and habits of his that would drive a non-neat freak crazy.

I’m off to bed early; I was up at 5:30 a.m. to shower before my daughter got up to do the same. Unfortunately, she has a wicked case of laryngitis; she may not be going to school tomorrow…we’ll see how this affects my writing schedule…luckily she is 100% behind me on this writer-thing…it’s my husband I haven’t informed yet!

Preparing for fall

I recently found out that my youngest will have to go to an a.m. class (our neighborhood is on an afternoon bus route, but there are not enough students to hold afternoon-only classes for his age group) when he starts school this fall, which means that both kids will be out of the house first thing in the morning (7 a.m. if they take the bus, 8 a.m. if I drive them) and I will have Prime Time for writing! Yesssss….feel free to give me a virtual fist-bump 😉

I have been taking what time I can eke out of my day to pull out my novel research and pre-writing. I’m lining up my writing reference books (a la Heather Seller’s most excellent Chapter by Chapter) and catching up on my Books 100 (another Sellers suggestion). I’ve been checking my plot outline and doing small character studies.

I’m getting ready for the open-ended writing time I’ve been craving since my first child was born. What do you do to get ready? What’s your writing schedule? Do you have one?