Dreams lost

Well, I just did one of those quicky select-all delete numbers that ate my post. I mentioned that I dreamt of work last night, not surprising given my subject yesterday. I was getting into dueling illustrators, clueless Senior Editors, and the worst author call I ever had to make, but now it’s all gone, and maybe that’s for the better.

I spent every spare moment today finishing up a knitted gift which I am giving to the recipient tomorrow. Excuses, excuses, but that’s my post, since my original one (a) got et, and (b) probably wasn’t something I wanted the whole blog-reading world to see.

I have a few more gifts to wrap (belated holiday party for my scrapbooking friends, a.k.a. Girls Weekend!) and I just took some Excedrin P.M. so my writing muscle is at its flimsiest right now.

I have to think about that post some more, and re-write it when I have a chance. Sorry for another cliffhanger.