Share something that makes you smile

One thing I do each night with my kids is ask them, “What was your favorite part of the day?” The original suggestion, by a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) mentor mom I used to work with, was, “What made you smile today?” but being the editor that I am, I made my own nightly quiz question. Because sometimes your favorite part of the day didn’t necessarily make you smile; maybe it made you sigh with contentment, run with joy, or simply laugh out loud.

But in regards to a Daily Post suggested topic (I’m just going to keep going with these, until I make time to write in the morning, just after my coffee, before my youngest wakes up…today, I went back to bed after getting my older child off to the bus at 7 (!) a.m.), some things that made me smile today were:

The smell of our Christmas tree when I lean over to plug in the lights (yes, ours is still up).
Cuddling with my kids.
Chatting on the phone with my mom.
My husband thanking me for making dinner.
Pulling out cardstock in anticipation of my girls’ weekend, putting together page sets (I. Love. Color.)
Listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and finding myself singing along.
Posting on facebook about my dropped (!) iPod Touch (cracked the glass cover pretty severely) and having a dozen people respond with sympathy and suggestions on getting it fixed.

Simple things, really. Nothing to do with writing, already…except that I got something written.