Hi, my name is D.B. Alekseev, and I’m a writer. There.  After 40 years of wanting to say it, I can. Yes, when I was 5 and folks asked me what I wanted to be, I said an “arthur.” Meaning Author, not king (or queen, in my case) to an mythical kingdom. After college, where I studied “Mass Media: Radio, TV, and Film,” with a minor in journalism and nearly a MA in teaching (secondary education English…long, ugly story, and not the correct career path for me…ever.), I spent 9 years in association management, rising to Director of Public Relations at a local Realtor board.

One horrid relationship later (another long, ugly story I don’t like revisiting except briefly), I found myself working at Borders part time to pay off (called off) wedding debts, then found myself rethinking my career path. When an opportunity opened at a local publisher of children’s books, my (brief) bookstore experience paid off, and I found myself doing everything from placing radio ads, writing flap and catalog copy, booking author visits, to actually editing children’s books. Shocker.

The next shocker was parenthood. My dream job went part-time, my postpartum hormones kicked my mood’s ass, and soon I found I was more interested in staying home, getting to know my amazing toddler, than dealing with office politics. Fast forward 7 years and one more kid later, the youngest starting morning classes, and I have the recipe for the beginning of the writer’s life I dreamed of when I was a 5 year-old.

Listen to your kid’s dreams the first time around, will ya? I know I will.

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