Day Eight: word counts.

Here’s my M.O. Wait until the house is empty and I’ve taken a shower (I get my best ideas while shampooing. What’s up with that?) Get my iPod Touch going with some inspirational music (downloaded Charleston Chasers, Vol. 1 this morning…perfect!) Light a candle (didn’t do that today…had enough of candles after a 9-hour power outtage last night). Launch into the next scene. Write for about 5-10 minutes, then suddenly need to move. Today it was doing my youngest’s laundry (he put on his last clean pair of pants this morning). While moving, think about where I want/need to go next in my writing.

I’m working on a novel, BTW. One that’s been in my head about 20 years. In 2008, after a wonderful creative break at a luxury scrapbooking getaway called Creative Escape ❤ — on the plane ride home, actually…soon after I fell ill with a week-long head cold, if that had anything to do with my creative state on the plane, and I think it did! — I had a breakthrough in theme and character for this long overworked idea, and things started to slide into place. I had a two year-old, however, so I could only work on it in bits and pieces. But it was never far from my mind.

I try to keep track of my writing time each day, and I’m average 45 minutes to an hour (once I subtract my breaks for movement). Like I mentioned in Day Six, I wish I could write longer, but my youngest’s schedule must prevail. Today I added up not only what I’ve written in the past 9 days (Monday-Friday last week, and Monday-Thursday this week, so far: 7,500 words) but also what I wrote in a jag after our 2010 Florida vacation (see the first entry for this blog: April 2010), and I have a total of 12,000 words so far. That’s pretty amazing, considering I did 10,000 (which — sadly — I am mostly throwing out) when I worked on this novel for NaNo in 2005, and back then I typed it all in. Handwriting is considerably slower, but I prefer it.

One more morning writing session and I will take a break for the weekend. I may start typing up my work so far — I only did day one to see what a handwritten page equals in actual word count (about 200 per page…less than I thought).

2 comments on “Day Eight: word counts.

  1. ekcarmel says:

    Hi, I just thought I would stop by since you took to the time to leave a lovely comment on my blog.

    You are making a great start! While your kids are younger than mine, this all sounds very familiar (even to having to get up to move around!). Keep working at it a little bit at a time and it will add up.

    Good luck to you on your writing journey!

  2. dbalekseev says:

    Thanks for stopping by! I wasn’t going to write an entry yesterday, but I’m glad I did. I keep trying to poke around other writer’s blogs and I enjoyed yours. Funny how we both need(ed) to get up and move around a bit. Today was rough, for some reason — headache and very tired today. Thanks again for the extra encouragement.

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