Day Six: get. out. of. the. house.

That’s my attitude in the morning. To my kids (adding, “get. on. the. bus!”) as well as my husband. Hubs left early for tennis practice (yes, some days he leaves at 6 a.m. to play tennis…because it’s free at that time) and I did a happy dance before the kids came down for breakfast. Whoo-hoo! I almost have the house to myself! Don’t let the door…you know.

I started writing at 8:30a. and finished up just before 10a. It wasn’t non-stop, but all told I wrote for a full hour today. It went a lot smoother than yesterday, probably because I still had my coffee buzz on. I get the Jelly Roll Morton station on Pandora and let it fly. Six pages later, I had the scene I’ve been holding off writing for a while, because I just didn’t know the specifics of the situation. Until I hit flow state and it just came to me, rolling off the screen of my mind like watching a movie.

Now I’m realistic, I know this is a first draft and I’ll probably re-write this scene at least three times before I get it right, but I was happy to hit flow and get through it.

Days like today, I wish I could write longer, but the reality of a half-day elementary school child has to enter my conscience by 10a or I could be in trouble with said child (he does *not* like it when I’m late at pick up).

I wanted to keep yesterday’s entry short, so I didn’t write what I had notes on for Monday, but here it is: I went to Borders on Sunday. I think it was the last day of their “Last 3 Days” promotion going on. Prices were at 90% off, but the shelves were mostly empty. There was an indoor cherry-picker there working on disconnecting the light fixtures in the center of the store. The children’s section was completely empty. My usual “first haunts” — the craft and writing sections — had computer books propped up face-forward on the shelves.

It really hit home, that my home-away-from-home would soon be gone. I took dd with me, and she later told me (while I was putting her to bed) that she “needed a moment” just thinking about it. She was crying. I felt bad I ever took her there that day, but I told her it helped make Borders’ closing a reality for me.

I worked at 2 Borders stores, one near Detroit and one out near the legendary Store #1 when I moved west just before getting married. It was part-time in addition to my new full-time job at the publishing house. The publisher actually bragged that he had “stolen” me away from Borders (he always was a bit of a dork).

I fell in love with Borders long before I worked there; in 1989 I was recently returned from a trip to Ireland, where I was overwhelmed by the “European”-style super-bookstore layout, and delighted to find a new bookstore of my dreams right here in Novi, MI — the first Borders I ever went in to.

Borders folks, bookstore geeks in general, are my kind of people, and I am sad that so many old friends are losing their livelihood in a job that can’t be replaced. Good luck to all of them.

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