Day Three: just a little wrench in plans.

My daughter threw up at midnight last night; finally a reason to be happy that my husband suffers from insomnia. I was out cold and my daughter didn’t even attempt to come in and wake me…she saw the light on downstairs and went to get her dad, lying on the couch playing with his smartphone (aka The Binky).  The deal was done so all he needed to do was clean up, which he did admirably. Best of all, I got my beauty sleep. Seems kind of odd to be celebrating such a turn of events, but daughter is slowly recovering (and the doctor visit yesterday shows no signs of strep from the cultures taken) so we’re just letting things take their course. Fingers crossed that it isn’t mono — there is a rare outside chance of that, but we need to wait a couple of more days. Let’s hope for continued improvement!

Hubs also took youngest to school today…lil guy has twice been confused by a crowded bus and new bus hub where he has to listen for his “stop.” I promised to drive him in today, but with our overnight developments, hubs didn’t want to leave daughter alone and just dropped lil guy off on his way to work.

Which meant (a) I did not have to jump in the shower (although I should, immediately after breakfast) and (b) I had a chance (and grabbed it!) to crawl back into bed (this 5:30a wake-up time is for the birds, not me). Bad, bad writer.

Still — got my writing in. With both kids home, at 2p in the afternoon. It wasn’t smooth, it wasn’t un-interrupted (daughter suddenly wanted to take a shower…coughing up a lung…in my bathroom…three feet from my writing desk; lil guy wanted to switch online games he was playing…downstairs). I almost wimped out at the bottom of page two, and again about halfway through page 3 (of my 4-page a day goal), but plugged on through and almost — almost — didn’t want to stop there. I am taking Ernest Hemingway’s advice, and quitting in the middle of the action, so that I have somewhere to start the next day.

If I can keep up the 4-page goal in under an hour each day, I may just increase that goal. Do you have daily writing goals? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Keep on keepin’ on.

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